Ebonstone™ Enlighten

Ebonstone Enlighten supports the training and mentoring of the best governance candidates and their placements in the businesses that need them.

At Ebonstone, we specialize in sculpting the future of businesses by nurturing top-tier governance candidates and seamlessly integrating them into the core of your organization. Our mission is straightforward yet transformative: to identify, train and place the best governance professionals, ensuring that your company thrives with adept, visionary leaders steering its course.

Why Choose Ebonstone Enlighten?

Expert Mentoring & Training

Our seasoned mentors provide personalized guidance, equipping candidates with the knowledge and skills necessary to navigate the complexities of modern governance. Through rigorous in-house upskilling programs, we shape individuals into strategic thinkers and ethical decision-makers.

Comprehensive Recruitment Support

Finding the right governance professionals can be overwhelming; let us handle it. We streamline the recruitment process, meticulously matching your company’s unique needs with candidates who not only possess the requisite qualifications but also the passion and commitment to drive your organization forward.

Strategic Department Reviews

Identifying areas for improvement is pivotal. Our experts conduct thorough department reviews, offering invaluable insights to optimize your business operations. With our strategic recommendations, your departments will function seamlessly, ensuring maximum efficiency and productivity.

Director Training & Induction

Directors are the linchpin of successful governance. Our tailored training programs empower directors with the knowledge to lead confidently. We conduct comprehensive inductions, aligning them to your company’s culture, values, and strategic vision.

Director Board Evaluations

Transparent evaluation is key to continuous improvement. We conduct rigorous board evaluations, assessing the performance of your directors and boards. Our detailed reports provide actionable recommendations, fostering a culture of excellence within your organization.

Enlighten Your Governance, Drive Your Success

At Ebonstone, we believe in more than just filling positions; we believe in fostering leaders who inspire change and innovation. Partner with us and witness your organization thrive under the guidance of exceptional governance professionals.

Are you ready to enlighten your governance? Let’s talk.

Services included

  • Mentoring & Training – In-house upskilling
  • Recruitment support
  • Department reviews
  • Director training & induction
  • Director Board Evaluations

Other Services

Our bespoke services are designed to ensure you succeed in what you do. We provide support for all aspects of governance, company secretarial and business administration to strengthen your business objectives.

Our Team

We established Ebonstone in order to support businesses with the modern day challenge that surround systems of governance. If you are ready to make your processes simpler, let’s talk.

Marie-Claire Haines

07824 806 682

Judith Barrass

07824 806 606

Helen Watkins

Trainee Assistant Company Secretary
07900 244 439

Priya Singh

Company Secretarial Assistant
07587 211 890

Cliff Boddington

Business Development Director
07423 262 245

Sophie Hooper Lea

Associate Consultant
02039 504 456


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